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Free Programs

New York City offers children and teens a wide range of after-school and summer activities--from paid museum internships to free science research programs. The free and low cost programs listed here are a great way to explore new interests, get extra support, and supplement what is being taught during the school day. The list is not exhaustive and we welcome new listings.


Contact DOE

Contacting the Department of Education is like calling any huge bureaucracy: You have to follow a lot of prompts before getting to a real person. Once you do reach someone, we’ve found that the operators are knowledgeable and helpful. Our advice: pleasant persistence. Keep trying and you will eventually get the information you need. We've compiled a list of telephone numbers and emails that may be useful.

Main switchboard

The Department of Education website is The main switchboard number is (718) 935-2200. Open Monday–Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.


For general information about your school zone, enrollment, pre-kindergarten registration and gifted and talented programs that you can’t find on the DOE’s website, call 311 and say “schools”, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The operators are unfailingly polite and try their best to answer your questions.



Routine enrollment issues should be resolved at one of the city’s 14 Family Welcome Centers. It’s difficult to find the phone number for a particular center but calling the Parent Support Line should get your through to one of them. If you have a problem that the Family Welcome Center can’t solve, try these people:

You can also email the DOE enrollment office directly. They answer emails within a day or two:


Staten Island

District 31

District 75
District 75

Special Education Resources

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INCLUDEnyc believes every young person should be fully included in school, in the workforce, in the community — and should have access to services and supports to succeed. INCLUDEnyc is the leading source of free training and information for young people ages 0-26 with known or suspected disabilities, their parents, and the professionals who support them.

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Parts 200  of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education:

Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education relates to special education programs and services for students with disabilities.  

Commissioner's Regulations Part 200: Students with Disabilities

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The Birth Injury Justice Center is dedicated to supporting children and their families who have been affected by disabilities caused at birth. Our organization strives to provide answers and guidance to ensure that families receive the assistance they need to help improve their overall quality of













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NYC families can use MySchools to apply to public schools from 3-K to high school. Get started by creating an account. Then explore your children’s personalized school options and get guidance on the admissions process from start to finish.

Chalkboard with Different Languages



See questions to ask at the annual meeting for parents of English language learners about their child's academic and language progress in school.

Financial Guides & Resources 

Provided by MoneyGeek

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More about our experts featured on these guides:

  • Susan Luxenberg (Founder & President of HomeSmart LLC)

  • Jamie Gold (Wellness Design Consultant and Author)

  • Elizabeth Kennedy (Founder of Age Fearless Academy, Home Health Physical Therapist & Certified Aging in Place Specialist)

  • Maura Horton (Chief Community Officer, JUNIPERunltd)

  • Sheryl Larson (Research Manager at the University of Minnesota)

  • Dave Kearon (Director of Adult Services at Autism Speaks)

  • Vijay Vasudevan (Associate Data Scientist at Autism Speaks)

  • Matt Abisamra (Driving Program Supervisor, Assistive Technology Department at Shepherd Center)

  • Andrew Arboe (Director of Community Outreach at Planning Across The Spectrum)​


Help your student be a good digital student so that they know and follow the rules and act in ways that lead to effective digital learning.  



     家长信息和资源中心: 这里 


      纽约残疾人援助之手: 这里


     联合脑瘫: 这里


     特殊教育政策网:  这里                               


     包括: 这里                                      


       AHRC 纽约市: 这里                            


     全国残疾人委员会: 这里                          


      VSA:全市艺术组织 和残疾 纽约市: 这里  


     崛起联盟: 这里


     午餐 4 学习: 点击图标

      e SSENTIAL Accessibility Inc.  

     点击 图标 


    关于纽约市教育局 ASD Nest 计划: 这里


    拥有 ASD Nest 计划的纽约市公立学校: 这里


     个性化指南 教育计划(IEP)这里

     推荐人 (NYC DOE): 这里


     HeartShare: 这里



    灯塔公会: 这里


    纽约州脑损伤协会: 这里


    纽约复活节海豹队: 这里


纽约州 OPWDD 资格提交信息在此处

     ADAPT 社区网络位置: 这里 






     ReelAbilities:纽约残疾人电影节: 这里


    教育委员会联盟: 这里 



                                                                                                    请点击图标进入 网站



纽约市儿童的特殊需求项目和课程:  链接在这里

课后活动: 链接在这里

塞缪尔菲尔德 Y: 链接在这里

纽约体育连接( 特别 需要选项): 链接在这里

加强课后计划: 链接在这里

QSAC: 链接在这里


特殊儿童夏令营: 链接在这里

全市有特殊需要儿童的最佳夏令营: 链接在这里



特殊需要学生的特殊营: 链接在这里

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